Nion SuperSTEM

This is the first of a new generation of electron microscopes designed for chemical analysis and imaging at the atomic scale. With almost a nano-Amp of current focused into a subatomic electron beam, it can form atomic-resolution images of composition and bonding in under a minute.

The microscope was designed by Nion Co to correct all geometric aberrations out to fifth order, producing a smaller spot size and larger beam current than third order correctors. Combined with a cold field emission gun and an efficiently coupled spectrometer, this machine is optimized for high spatial and spectral resolution mapping.

FEI Tecnai F20 with monochromator

The FEI Tecnai F20 is 200kV field emission gun (FEG) high resolution TEM/STEM, which was installed in 2004. The key component of this instrument is the electron monochromator, this reduces the energy spread of the electron beam allowing ultra-high energy resolution electron energy loss spectroscopy. Combined with the spatial resolution of ~1.6 angstroms (in STEM mode) this allows the determination of electronic properties at atomic resoltuion. The microscope has a SuperTwin objective lens with a Cs of 1.2 mm. This instrument is used for three-dimensional imaging at the nanoscale, exploring photonic densities of states and optical excitations in nanostructures, and atomic resolution imaging and point-by-point spectroscopy.
Features of this instrument include:

Ultra high tilt tomography (±80º), High tilt/rotate (±80°;360°), single tilt and double tilt low background sample holders

On-axis high sensitivity (single electron detection) Fischione Model 3000 high angle annular dark field (HAADF) detector for high-resolution Z-contrast imaging.

Room: 150 Duffield Hall

Specimen Preparation, Duffield Hall

The newly occupied Duffield Hall lab is a state of the art TEM sample prep facility. The suite is equipped with three mulitprep diamond lapping tripod polishing systems, wire saw, high quality water filtration, ultrasonic disc cutter, dimpler, stereo and transmission/reflection light microscopes and diamond/glass knife microtome. In addition the suite has a low energy Ar ion mill for final thinning of semiconductor specimens.

Room: 234 Duffield Hall