Superconducting Interfaces

"Superconducting Interfaces Between Insulating Oxides",
N. Reyren, S. Thiel, A. D. Caviglia, L. Fitting Kourkoutis, G. Hammerl, C. Richter, C. W. Schneider, T. Kopp, A.-S. Ruetschi, D. Jaccard, M. Gabay, D. A. Muller, J.-M. Triscone, J. Mannhart,
Science 317, 1196-1199 (2007)

Cornell Chronicle: Exotic atomic interfaces

nanovoids in copper interconnects

"Three-dimensional imaging of nanovoids in copper interconnects using incoherent bright field tomography",
Peter Ercius, Matthew Weyland, and David A. Muller, Lynne M. Gignac,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 88 243116 (2006).

Semiconductor International: Opening Doors at the Atomic Level

individual dopant atoms and clusters

"Atomic-scale imaging of individual dopant atoms and clusters in highly n-type bulk Si",
P. M. Voyles, D. A. Muller, J. L. Grazul, P. H. Citrin, and H.-J. Gossmann,
Nature, 416 826-829 (2002).

New York Times: Scientists Get Atoms Ready for a Close-Up

ultra-thin gate oxides

"The electronic structure at the atomic scale of ultra-thin gate oxides",
D. A. Muller, T. Sorsch, S. Moccio, F. H. Baumann and G. Timp, Nature, 399, 758-761 (1999).

New York Times: WHAT'S NEXT; A Stay of Execution For the Silicon Chip
New York Times: ESSAY; Is Incredible Shrinking Chip Nearing End of the Line?


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