Useful Electron Microscopy Links

Getting The Most from Your STEM:
Papers on room environment and optimizing STEM performance.

Software for three-dimensional visualization of tomography datasets.

Cornell Spectrum Imager
Software for processing and analysis of hyperspectral data, such as EELS maps.

The EELS database
with reference spectra from many different materials systems

Voyles Group Home Page
The University of Wisconsin, Madison, STEM group web site with information on electron microscopy techniques and useful links.

A program for image analysis, processing and particle counting, written in Java.  Functionally equivalent to NIH Image, this software is useful for measuring line profiles and performing FFTs.

Nobel Prizes for Research with Electrons
a list of Nobel Prizes awarded for research using electron scattering.

Desktop Spectrum Analyzer
a MACINTOSH ONLY EDX spectral analysis and manipulation software package. Simulates and quantifies x-ray spectra

X-ray Data Booklet
at Lawrence Berkley National Labs.  Binding energies, scattering physics, useful formulae and references.

Surface Science Database
from the UK Surface Analysis Forum - data for SIMS, XPS, AES, XAS, EELS