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Useful Software Packages

PARADIM Summer School 2021 Github
Jupyter Notebooks for learning microscopy data processing including EELS, Diffraction and Ptychography

Software for three-dimensional visualization of tomography datasets.

Cornell Spectrum Imager
Software for processing and analysis of hyperspectral data, such as EELS and EDX maps.

A program for image analysis, processing and particle counting, written in Java.  Fiji is ImageJ, this software is useful for measuring line profiles and performing FFTs.

Nion Swift
Python-based Imaging and Spectroscopy processing software – written by the folks who wrote the original Digital Micrograph

Python libraries for spectral and image processing.  Also reading TFS and Gatan file formats.

Microscopy and Spectroscopy Databases
Web-EELS:Database of EELS fine-structure fingerprints for quick checks of bonding changes with composition

Gatan’s EELS Atlas
EELS spectra for almost all elements in the periodic table

EELS Database
User-submitted compilation of valence and core-loss spectra from Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy experiments and X-Ray spectra

X-ray Data Booklet
at Lawrence Berkley National Labs.  Binding energies, scattering physics, useful formulae and references.