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Optimizing Your Microscope

Room Environment

Things that go bump, and uses of toilet paper:

Optimizing the Environment for Sub-0.2nm Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy” D. A. Muller, J. L. Grazul, Journal of Electron Microscopy, 50 219-226 (2001).

Electromagnetic Fields and Acoustics:

Room Design for High Performance Electron Microscopy,” David A. Muller, Earl Kirkland, Malcom G. Thomas,  John L. Grazul, Lena Fitting, Matthew Weyland, Ultramicroscopy, 106 1033–1040 (2006).

Microscope Tips and Tricks

Sample Preparation:  
Imaging individual atoms inside crystals with ADF-STEM”, P. M. Voyles, J. L. Grazul, D. A. Muller,  Ultramicroscopy 96 251-273 (2003).

Choosing the right aperture:
Tuning the convergence angle for optimum STEM performance ”, M. Weyland and D. A. Muller, FEI Nanosolutions 1, 24, (2005).  As this is out of print, we have uploaded the paper with permission to arxiv,  where it can be accessed and cited:

Summer Schools

2021 PARADIM Summer School on Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy

Flyer for PARADIM Summer school on STEM. Tagline: Probing local structure, chemistry and functional properties of materials. From June 13-18, 2021. Image shows the atomic structure of DyScO3, Magnetic Skyrmions in FeGe at 100K and a series of Electron Energy Loss Spectra. The school covers lectures on the fundamentals of STEM and hands-on labs

2017 PARADIM Summer School on Electron Microscopy

Group photo from the 2017 Summer school

2006 Kavli Summer School on Electron Microscopy

Link to the 2006 Kavli Summer School. It is caption Electron Microscopy: Fundamental Limits and New Science. Workshop was held from 13-20 July, 2006 at Cornell