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2006 Kavli Summer School on Electron Microscopy

Summer School on Electron Microscopy:
Fundamental Limits and New Science

held at Cornell University, July 13-15, 2006

Background Reading (review material to read before the workshop)

Linear Imaging Theory

Practical STEM

  • Lecture notes on the practical details of STEM imaging, including Ronchigrams and the choice of detector angles

Multislice Simulations

  • Tutorial on Multislice
  • Simulations that include beam spreading and dynamical scattering.
  • plotstemline.m  is a Matlab script to read stemslice.exe output line profiles and plot them.

Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy

  • Lecture Notes on Core Loss EELS, both analysis and simulation.
  • Lecture Notes on Low Loss EELS and spatial resolution in EELS
  • Fine-Structure fingerprints of most materials  – a review article by Chen.  It has useful references to previous work (mostly x-ray) and theoretical interpretation.  Read this before reinventing the wheel.
  • EELS with plane wave illumination (i.e. no spatial localization) – a review article by Brydson.  A good review of EELS fine structure in crystals and different calculation methods.
  • Delocalization in Inelastic Scattering – the dipole approximation
  • Links to Codes that can Calculate EELS fine structure
    • FDMNES – a free, full-potential, but not self-consistent cluster code.  It can accept potentials calculated  by Wien2k however.
    • FEFF – a muffin-tin potential, but self-consistent cluster code.
    • Wien2k – A full-potential, APW bandstructure code.  It has useful routines for calculating EELS matrix elements.
    • ABINIT – an open-source, free, plane-wave psuedopotential code.

Bloch Wave Simulations

  • Lecture notes on Inelastic Scattering with an emphasis on the Bloch Wave Approach.
  • A simple Bloch-wave simulation code for elastic and inelastic scattering by Les Allen – a more modern version can be found at muSTEM.html.