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Group Photos and Events

Group Photos


Group photo by Beebe Lake, with lake and fall colors in the background
Group Photo at Beebe Lake, just behind the department. From L-R: Schuyler, Desheng, Yu-Tsun, Zhaslan, Ariana, Aldo, Dasol, Shake, Naomi, Hari, Salva, Xiyue, David
electron microscopy group in front of a waterfall
Microscopy folks at the annual picnic at Treman park. June 2022
The microscopy groups enjoy a summer picnic at Treman state park. June 2021
Group photo at Stewart park
Group Photo at Stewart Park after we all were vaccinated. Enjoying ice cream to celebrate Matthew and Swathi’s graduations.
L-R: Dasol, Schuyler, Hari, Matthew, Swathi, Yao, Xiyue, Ariana, Kursti, Chenyu, Yu-Tsun, David

Group photo from 2020, with everyone masked

everyone safely distanced and masked outdoors on a walk around Beebe Lake


2018 group photo at Treman park
2018 group picnic at Treman Park. Top Row L-R: Celesta, Megan, Michael, Zhen, Jack.  Bottom Row: Yi, Swathi, Elliot, Ariana, Kayla, Matthew, David
Photo of Group on the bridge in the PSB Atrium
2017. From L-R: Kayla, Elliot, David, Yi, Zhen, Celesta, Michael, Megan, Ela
Photo of Group at Treman State Park
2016 Group Picnic at Treman State Park


Photo of group by Beebe lake in the Fall
2012 Beebe Lake.  From L-R: Quinyun Mao, Alex Yu, Pinshane Huang, Justin Richmond-Decker, Megan Holtz, David Muller, Barnaby Levin, Arjun Kannan, Paul Cueva, Kayla Nguyen, Robert Hovden


Group photo at Treman park in 2009
2009 Group picnic at Treman park. L-R: Lisa, Hui-Qiong, John, Pinshane, Robbie, David, Lena (+Quinn), John Silcox, Randy, Julia, Heather
Group by electron microscope
2008. Group by the F20 electron microscope. L-R: Mick, Huolin, Judy, David, Lena, Peter, John
2006 Group Picnic
2006 Group Picnic at Treman park. L-R: Aycan, Matt, Jerome, David, Lena, Earl, John, Judy

Group Events

Graduations and Departures


Yao holding a cake
2021: Yao’s B-Exam cake, celebrated at Sunset park now that we are all vaccinated
Zoom goodbye as Celesta leaves
Jan ’21: Zoom goodbye as Celesta leaves for MIT



Elliot cuts cake
2019: Elliot’s Tomography cake with no missing wedge
Kaylas B-exam
2018: Kayla’s B Exam –  Polar Vortex cookies!
Yi cuts his B-exam cake
2018 – After his thesis defense, Yi cuts his ePIE