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CoO, Co3O4 and CoOOH


Spectra for Cobalt (Co)

EELS line plots of Co L edges for CoO(II), Co3O4(II,III), CoOOH(III) (opens larger version)
Co L3 and L2 edges for CoO(II), Co3O4(II,III), CoOOH(III). The Co(II) formal valence peak is about 2 eV lower than the Co (III) peak. Valence identification is best done by tracking the shift of the L3 peak, as the L3/L2 ratio is sensitive to thickness changes from plural scattering by valence excitations

By: Yao Yang

Microscope: Nion UltraSTEM (100 keV)

Energy Resolution: 0.5 eV

Note: The energy axis of the Co edge has been calibrated using dual EELS map. 

Ref: Yang, PNAS, 2019, 116, 24425