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Ni and Al: Ni, Ni3Al, NiAl

Spectra for Nickel (Ni)

Plot of intermetallics of Ni and Al (opens larger version)
Ni L2,3 Edge in NixAl intermetallics. The first peak in the L3 edge at ~852 eV reflects empty d-states. The total area under the curve for all of the Ni L edges remains unchanged as the Ni site remains neutral in these metals. Instead the band broadens due to increased Ni-d/Al-p hybridization.

By: David Muller

Microscope: VG HB 501UX STEM

Reference: “Connections Between the Electron Energy Loss Spectra, the Local Electronic Structure and the Physical Properties of a Materials:  A Study of Nickel Aluminum Alloys,” D. A. Muller, D. J. Singh and J. Silcox. Phys. Rev B. 578181 (1998).